Mac Power Users Show 100 (live)

Today I listened to the live stream of Mac Power Users on the 5by5 Live audio stream. What a treat! David and Katie brought together a great group of listeners to talk about their workflows, and had George Starcher wrangling the guests on the show.

We (the live listeners) had fun in the chat room, too (available on the same 5by5 Live page). The show hosts were in the chat room with us, and we talked about everything from Star Trek series to Talk Nerdy To Me T-shirts.

The show was exclusively sponsored by Smile, and for those of us listening live, we had the opportunity to talk with Jean MacDonald in the chat room. She sent David and Katie gifts to open live on the air, and also kicked off a giveaway to the listeners in real time. (I’m not sure whether I got in under the wire, but since I own most of their Mac and iOS software already, I just asked for a mug to use as a conversation starter.)

If for some reason you aren’t already a Mac Power Users podcast listener yet, this would be a great starting point. Show 100 is one of the best shows in the history of this informative, entertaining, and all-around stellar podcast.

Thanks to David and Katie for 100 great episodes. I’m really looking forward to the next 100. (And since Show 100 went to around the 3 hour mark, there might be a few more out by the time I listen to the entire recorded version for this episode. =] )

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